Decentralized energy sources

Company Energycon s. r. o.

 The old concept of bulbs in essence shines and heats LED technology thanks to another technological solutions to produce light energy much more efficiently and at a much smaller heat losses. This seemingly uninteresting information , however, has major consequences. First of all, it comes to saving for your ideas classic 60W light bulb when lit ( and heating) an hour, so just eat 0.06 kWh if the same causes LED bulb, consumes a comparable exposure of about 0.01 kWh , which is already a significant difference. Maybe it seems like insignificant , but when those bulbs je5.000 and the three-shift operation , as well as their time surprised me how much money actually goes .

 Since most companies replace defective lamps gives to small expenditures , does not find an overview of how much money actually this is the agenda . While the above bulb has an average life of about 1000 hours LED bulb ranges somewhere around 35 50 000 operating hours. Saving the material is obviously not as big as the electricity, but allows one rather crucial fact - create funding model .

The acquisition value of LED technology is relatively high, it is also the reason why most companies on the blanket application too far ignored - firstly , basically have no idea how much light is a second, give a million lights for when they need to buy a new lathe them redundant. But it is a bad look - some time ago , we optimized the operation of a large malt-house , that the grain pan Director spare hundred thousand , of which he was happy as a kid, but that energy pays 60 million per year and it would not even half of it basically did not care .

This consideration led us to the creation of financing , which says learning EPC , ie Energy Performance Contracting. The EPC method is based on the ability of technology to generate real savings in energy and materials to the original condition prior to installation .

A prerequisite for success is the ability of the installed technology to guarantee trouble-free and economical stable for a relatively long period. The key factor then gives suppliers the opportunity to take a customer's initial investment associated with the installation of energy-saving technologies . The supplier also guarantees that can be realized from this investment and savings to repay that do not occur in the course of the contract to increase total spending compared to their original amount before installing ( as long as the lighting system of the present object , or other changes in the input parameters ) .

The customer for repayment remains at the same level as before the operating costs of technologies, but due to savings realized that such costs are divided from the beginning of the contract into two parts: the energy suppliers (new real consumption ) and technology suppliers ( payment of the cost LED technology). The aim is therefore repay the initial investment in the shortest possible time , so that the customer can then use the savings generated in the whole range - it is essentially a certain similarity with the return on the investment made ​​, decisions are , however, factors such as the average burn time , the price of electricity, etc.

This technology is able to pay for itself from the current operating budget of the customer and still bring benefits in reliability , maintenance-free , non-toxicity , environmental friendliness , and so on .

Energycon Company Ltd. in one of its objectives dedicated to the promotion and development of the field of micro - energy, a market that is currently beginning to form. The basic attributes of this activity are primarily promoting energy independence of individual subjects further then the decentralized production of energy level with a direct link to local consumption produced energy savings funds expended and šetřivý approach to the environment .

As a complement to this work include the optimization of existing production and operational processes , integration of new technologies into existing processes , OEM solutions, etc.