Mechanical and physical properties
Dimensions ekopanel width 1200 mm

1200 width x thickness (58 mm + 2 mm tolerance ) Length 1250-3200 mm according to customer requirements (accuracy in cm )
Dimensions ekopanel width 800 mm

800 width x thickness (58 mm + 2 mm tolerance ) Length 1500-3200 mm according to customer requirements (accuracy in cm )
The average weight

- Surface 19-23 kg/m2
- Density 379 kg/m3
Next properties

flexural modulus : 981.3 Mpa
tensile bending : 0.1603 Mpa
thermal conductivity : λ = 0.102 Wm- 1K-1 , R = 0.5882 m2KW - 1
diffusion resistance : RD = 4.6 × 109 ms- 1
diffusion coefficient of resistance: μ = 13.1
heat transfer coefficient : U = 1.04 to 1.39 W/m2 * K
by the position of construction period and the heat flux
- Acoustic attenuation simple partitions : 27dB
- Acoustic attenuation double walls: 45 db
- Acoustic attenuation double walls using drywall : 49 db
Classification of fire resistance

siding wall with wooden supporting framework and sheathing ekopanels :
- From the outer side 30 minutes ( T30 D3)
- The inner side 30 min ( EW 30 D3)
- Supporting the ceiling of 45 min ( EI 45 D3)

index of flame spread over the surface of 34 mm / min

level of flammability : C1 heavily flammable

Reaction to fire: category E
Ekopanels benefits over other construction materials
attractive price

Comparing the cost of materials on the rung of plasterboard, obtained when using ekopanels saving about 15 %.
The wide range of applications in the construction or reconstruction

Due to the versatility of eco-panels can be used for a myriad of construction work výstavbách and reconstruction.
Very simple , fast processing and assembly ekopanels that make it suitable for professionals but also DIY

Another difference is the time of installation of drywall partitions . U drywall uses several types of profiles , from which they draw up the basic structure walls, lined with plasterboard and the space is filled with insulation. In this case, you use ekopanels delivery options tailored to customer's request. He determines the exact size (height) of partitions, ie . orders a EKOPANELY , which then will be forced to further shorten (of course this does not apply in the case of reduction ekopanel length of the rail). Delivered Ekopanel simple way anchor clips , which are one of the few accessories to our building system . You do not need any other structural elements or insulation.

The advantage is speed of construction , which can be a simple place to install in a few minutes. Construction of partition ekopanels is much faster than conventional blocks. One plate at a height of 2.5 m rail stop area of ​​about 3 m2, while the construction take only a spirit level on each Ekopanel .
Possibility to apply different finishes

Ekopanely have on the surface of recycled cardboard, which does not prevent the application of all common surface treatments such as painting , stucco , tiles , etc.
Ekopanels surface resistance to damage, mechanical resistance

The essential difference between the plasterboard partition and a partition of ekopanels the mechanical resistance . Ekopanels resistance against damage or puncture is undoubtedly much higher. For puncturing drywall minimal force , whereas EKOPANELY withstand much higher breakdown strength.
Excellent thermal storage capacity

Thanks very zhuštěnému Straw Ekopanel core has very good storage capacity , ie . is able to accumulate into each heat generated by heating in the room.
High fire resistance

Although Ekopanel pressed from wheat straw, and has high fire resistance, which is caused only by press- density core ekopanel .
Installing without supporting structures

For installation of partitions does not need any further construction Ekopanel is self-supporting , ie . Ekopanel kidnaps himself ...
Cost savings in heating

Construction of eco-panels in combination with thermal insulation have very low heating costs .
Very good heat and sound insulation parameters without additional insulation

Undesirable characteristics drywall is its "hollow " response when clicking its surface. Because Ekopanel compact massive plate , so this response characterized.
Ecology item (pressed wheat straw , recycled cardboard , glue sanitized )

The basic production material is pure cereal straw , which is both surfaces We paste recycled cardboard . The adhesive complies with the strictest hygiene standards , moreover, it is used only in a small layer.
Basic comparison with other building materials

Here we compared the construction of walls ekopanels with selected construction materials that can be used in the same conditions as our product.
Ekopanel against drywall has:

    Higher mechanical resistance
    faster installation
    Better sound insulation
    easier installation
    lower price
    Higher puncture resistance

Ekopanel against brick or porous concrete

    faster construction
    The lower weight of the brick walls
    Dry method of construction
    Simplicity hanging objects on rail

Healthy , low energy and ecological housing

    Proven system solution construction of houses

    There are sample projects on utility areas from 60 to 200 m2

    energy -saving operation reduces the return on investment for up to half the time

    Time turnkey construction than 6 months of a building permit

    Architectural design and layout according to exemplary projects or according to your requirements

Low energy family houses from EKOPANELY supplies to order:

    Family houses from Stramit are not only highly environmentally friendly, but also economically very advantageous in terms of material used and especially energy intensity . This property allows you to fulfill your dream of living in their own building. Low cost of operation when the heating and maintenance are the main advantages over traditional brick lodges . To výtavbu used ekodesky Stramit , test material from demineralized fibers , pressed hot - developed in the UK, which has already built more than 300 thousand . family houses. This material excels in very good structural and physical properties . Its large storage capability provides excellent conditions for the application of the prefabricated sandwich technology in interaction with modern high-performance thermal insulation.




    supporting structure is made of wood timbered frame of the module 120 cm jacketed outside and inside of the MFP boards ekodeskami Stramit with thermal insulation panels ( Orsil, Izover , Rockwool )

    Wall thermal resistance R = 4.32 m2 K / W (K = 0.22 W/m2K)

    Roofing - classic wooden frame with lightweight roofing

Low-energy houses supplied:

    utility areas from 60 to 200 square meters - one or two storeys

    their architectural and layout is presented in the company's catalog on the main website

PRICE construction of houses INCLUDES:

First Excavation
stripping of topsoil , excavation trenches for cost- passports in the ordinary soil ( excavation to 3rd class ) excavated and deposited at the depot site for further use . All this while the flat terrain .

Second basics
passports of plain concrete , plain concrete slab reinforced with welded 1x network alignment sprinkle the plate , concrete masonry plinth height to 500mm above the surrounding terrain , drainage below the base plate with the outlet for future connection to the internal distribution and sewer connections. Circuit grounding strap under the foundations .

3rd The supporting structure
spruce wood beams and associated carpenter impregnated with a link to a wooden saddle roof structure

4th The inner cladding , partitions
Use stramitových boards in thickness . 60 mm incl . masonry finish ( primer , putty , cloth, stucco. layer , painted finish) Partitions of stramitových single or double panels , ceiling panels of stramitových incl . masonry finishes.

5th external cladding
Use stramitových boards in thickness . 60 mm incl . masonry finish ( primer , putty , cloth, stucco. + acrylic layer . paint or acrylic plaster thick spreadable . 2-3 mm , OSB surcharge incl. polystyre . insulation thickness . 50-100 mm and finish.

6th isolation
against water
Base plate isolated 1x fusing asphalt. belt ( Fiberglass fleece min . ) ev . insulation against radon infiltration from the subsoil ( foalbit , etc.).

The outer walls Orsil plate thickness . 160 mm incl . vapor barrier , attic ceiling in thickness . 200mm ground floor slab thickness . 60mm thick polystyrene ground floor . 100 mm

7th Roofing and Accessories
Option roofing tiles on battens system TONDACH UNI 12 incl . options, asf or boarding . shingles , plumbing components incl . Window sills made ​​of sheet metal , seduction rainwater for landscape

8th chimney
Modular tvárnicový with a ceramic insert to 200mm diameter , coating head

9th Doors and windows - windows
Plastic windows in the optimum amount incl . balcony door , five-chamber , parapets plastic / laminate, all white version 1.0 W/M2K
Front door full of plastic / glass , interior doors ( foil ) standard version incl . door frames

10th staircase
Wooden softwood (spruce, pine ) scale, according to event location . subscales , simple railings, paint

11th Floors , walls
According to the purpose of the room , tiles ker . 200/200 , 300/300mm , standard or floating fabric , the ground floor of the bet . basis , in the attic of the wood subfloor . Wall coverings soc . ker device . facing 200/250mm , the price of tiles to 260, - M2 . Price flooring to 260, - M square .

12th installation of sanitary
Sewer and water pipes of PVC material in the current version , fixtures and fittings in white color price range WC kombi - 2500, -/ks , plastic tub of 3000 , -/ks , washbasin 50 cm approx 1000 -/ks showers. nook complete in 5000 , -/ks , discharge lever mixers provided . event . gas distribution in steel pipes (including audit reports ) . Sewer , water and gas is beyond the scope of this specification.

13th Heating ( according to media)
occur. boiler, piping, the radiator . For a surcharge floors. heating on the ground floor .

The ground floor of the floor , in the attic Immersion Tin Converters

14th Electrical
To ensure standard lighting and socket circuits , possibly electric. heating , piping for television ev . telephone wiring. Lightning system of the house connected to the grounding in the basics . Electrical connections to the building of the house is not part of the specified work. As part of the audit report electrical wiring and conductors.

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