Energy efficient lighting

The essence of this solution is a combination of several favorable circumstances, that the current generation of LED (Light Emitting Diode) displays . In particular, a long service life , which the manufacturer indicates in some cases to the point of 70,000 operating hours.

This fact is supported by significantly trouble-free operation of LED technology , it applies here so often cited in electronics, namely that if it does not break the first week and then never again ...

The third key factor is consumption - the equivalent light output need to be significantly lower electrical power consumption . This means that eg 60 W bulb in LED technology based on the same light output consumes only 20 watts and the remaining 40 W is effectively saving the user.


Advantage of the solution is that the light is steady , blinking , no longer a one vivid as before , now we can create temperature and light intensity to which the client is used or what it needs.

It is essential that the subject of exchanges are basically just light bulbs, tubes , etc. , concerning the modification and distribution usually takes place only in its own fixture . There is no need to interfere in plaster, remodeling installation and so on.

Where it suits you:

Formally basically anywhere , but since the initial investment is relatively high, so much better based on those places where the light is more than normal - schools , hotels , offices , garages , of course, but also factories and various manufacturing facilities, distribution centers , etc.

How does the process of implementation:

Because each building is totally different, you can not specify in advance how you will behave economically . For this reason , the first step visits technique for audit existing lighting.

Based on the above data the exchange economy , the initial investment and the repayment period . This is important , the project is funded for the use of EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) - more information on the method EPC here . Very simple method consists in the fact that we as a supplier makes initial investment , and the savings that are achieved , we then gradually customer in monthly installments to repay the investment .

For the customer, it has a charm that does not need to worry about anything , do not pay anything extra - only after some time has lighting costs remain as high as before the installation of that part of the cost covers the reduced power consumption and the difference between the new and old price for electricity covers the repayment of the investment. After repayment of all savings passed on to the customer.

The exchange is basically a routine matter that will take place relatively quickly.