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If you are currently addressing the possible energy savings , or even thinking about installing LED lighting that delivers up to 60 % cost savings , we have a solution for you without investment or cash flow burden of loan repayment for investments . Given that the application of LED technology is capital intensive , we are ready with their financial partners to offer customers a simple and affordable financing the initial investment .
Carefully to the choice of products and pay great attention to their deployment to avoid the negative effects of LED light sources to the electricity network .
What exactly will your savings ? Each building behaves differently and energy savings each should be individually calculate on the basis of the light audit, for free.
Return in two-shift operation is usually under 2 years .
Eg . : Schulte paint rollers hall No.2 replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes.

The return 23 months
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us , learn more in the Annex and on the website of our partner : WWW.ENERGYCON.CZ
Thank you for your time.

Jan Franěk
Key Account Manager
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